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Hello! So happy you made it here!

I am Nancy, an intuitive lifestyle coach, and Interior Designer. My focus is providing a container and the framework for lifestyle and personal alignment and f growth!  I am using my skills to empower women/men who realize 3D they may not be living to their highest and best potential. If you are stuck in self sabotage or people pleasing and your reality no longer suits you or fulfills you this container will show you the way to sovereign freedom! By the end of this self lead course you make the quantum leap to a more soulful aligned you!

Indigo Souls Sacred Chakra Healing Journey:

This program is taking you from feeling stressed and burned out, unclear of your purpose, to feeling aligned, peaceful, purposeful and focussed on your mission on this planet!! 

New to your Spiritual Awakening? 

This program will allow you to connect to your chakra energy, your higher self and allow for healing on an emotional and physical level! 

Starseeds? Indigos? 

people who have experienced the ups and downs of the spiritual path let this container support you as you dive deeper into the depths of your soul! Check out the Exstistenial Expert course!


​​​​​-a strategic system for healing!

​- 8 modules self working course 

- inner child work 

-meditations for each module

- daily rituals! 

- 3 1:1 calls with me (start, middle, end of modules) 

-learn all about  tools for healing - develop coping skills and tap into your own energy. 

- higher self integration! 

- golden light healing 

- living in alignment and - understanding your OWN energy

-universal laws  


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discover the U-niverse with-in!

Are you an indigo child/ soul?

Are you strong willed?

Highly intuitive?

Highly creative?

Free thinker?

Do you have a strong desire to change the world?

If you have always felt different...

If you always had a feeling there was more to this life...

If you are the black sheep...

If you are a truth seeker....

Disconnect from the matrix and embark on an embodiment journey with me!

Allow me to guide you on a healing journey of self love and divinity

8 modules, 1:1 access through voxer, rituals, meditations, giving you the framework for success fully embodying your divine template.

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Inspired Coaching

The life of your dreams is waiting on you to reorganize some things, let go of the BS and step into your best self! 

My coaching Includes talk therapy as well as tools such as essential oils, crystals, and yoga  for emotional support and clearing!


We will nail down self care practices and rituals for spiritual growth which will lead you to finding exactly how you want to show up in the world, what you want to achieve, and how to make it all happen for you with ease!

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