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You can be Glam goddess and Grounded

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Its ok if you've never yoga'd or if the only time you've meditated was when you accidentally started day dreaming in class. And it is perfectly fine if you crave the finer things in life! You can rock your ysl and still have be into self development and align your chakras! In fact if you do this work you will wind up attracting in whatever bag, house or car you want!

You do not have to be any type of person to do this work!

This work is necessary for all people! We all have experiences in our lives that store in our energy field as a traumatic event. These moments get stored in our subconscious and we revolve our entire lives around them! pretty important stuff! So if you don't clear out the junk you could be really selling yourself short in life and playing small. I wish I would have known what I know now it would have saved me from years of suffering! So I am sharing what I have learned with everyone willing to learn because I truly believe this is gold.

#lifestyle #decisionmaking

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