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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 3 easy steps

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

After so many years of suffering. So many panic attacks, so many trips to the er for those panic attacks... I can finally say that I have gotten a grip on this situation. And not because I am all fixed now lol - I do not believe that is what the case is with anyone as this journey is ever changing and evolving. However what I do know now that I did not realize then was that I was not living in the present moment. Or I was letting my brain run away with itself. The brain is a funny tricky organ. You are not your brain. You are the soul observing the brain glitch out. So from that place we would do any of the following coping skills to regain composure in the moment of a panic attack or anxiety.

1. Breathe- deep long breathes in through your nose -hold for a 4 and out of your mouth for 5counts

2. Tap- Tapping is very effective for moving energy and I will be posting some tapping videos as an example

3. Grab and essential oil! Aromatherapy is extremely effective in shifting your mood and calming the central nervous system! I love Doterra -and for this instance I would love to have some balance, frankincense, Melissa, or even something as simple as orange.

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