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Purge for Peace

Are you aware that we store negative energy/ trauma in our body? Muscles, cell, bones! Yes! Did you know that all of this effects your subconscious? Did you know that our subconscious runs our life? lol yes its all true AND it may ( definitely ) be the reason you are experiencing fear, anger, resentment, limiting beliefs, low self esteem, low energy, sadness - you get the point! This I exactly why I have put together my Indigo Soul Chakra Journey course.

I am empowering you with a systematic approach to make sense of our emotions, traumas, and beliefs. You will be guided through a journey of self realization. Gain knowledge about your body by examining each Chakra one by one. We will clear through and fill up with divine light!

Yes! it is that magical! Game changer.

The time is now to do the clearing work! I mean the time has been here for the whole year and more then that for a lot light workers but if you are someone who hasn't gotten the hint yet- get started babe! Enrollment is until December 18th!

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