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You are your own valentine 💗

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself Period. If you are not able to love yourself you will not fully love another. And even worse than that you will not be able to except the love from your lover! So many people don’t even know that they don’t let themselves receive. And subconsciously they believe they don’t deserve to be loved.

By turning in you can finding where these neg emotions and beliefs live in your body. You can then learn to heal, clear out and release this stored trauma. You can start today by taking time for yourself whether it’s a cup of tea alone...Mamas I’m talking to you alone! ;) Or a workout session orrrr reading a book or journaling there’s so many moments you could have for yourself. The most important aspect of this is acknowledging that this is your time that you deserve this time to do some thing that is positive. Notice I didn’t mention having a martini or a glass of wine you’re doing something that is positive and loving for yourself. Soooo be your own valentine this weekend love on yourself!

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